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  • 標準光模塊





    CDFP 400Gbps

    CDFP 400Gbps

    ? InfiniBand applications
    ? CDFP Multi-Source Agreement
    ? Electrical inF-tonerface: OIF-CEI-28G,
    ? Ethernet 802.3 4x CAUI-4
    ? High-speed interconnects within and between switches, routers and transport equipment
    ? Server-server clusters, super-computing interconnections
    ? Proprietary backplanes
    ? Interconnects rack-to-rack, shelf-to-shelf, boardto-board,board-to-optical backplane
    ? High-speed inputs are AC-coupled to a floatinginput termination
    ? Programmable CTLE compensation for non ideal PCB properties
    ? The output stage is current-mode-logic and provides 50 ohm back-terminations
    ? The CML output allows for adjustable amplitude and pre-emphasis control

    .........................>>>>COMING SOON

    CDFP AOC/SR16  Featuring Coolbit Optical Engines 16x25 Gbps DATA COMMUNICATIONS

    High Speed + Low Power = Your Next Communications SysF-tonem



    ? 16 independently addressable transmit and receive channels, 400 Gbps full duplex AOC

    ? Industry leading, lowest DC power per bit (6 Watts per AOC end)

    ? 100 meter reach over multimode fiber

    ? No optical connectors to clean or maintain

    ? Proven 850nm VCSEL technology

    ? Dense packaging and minimal PCB footprint

    ? Reference free CDR circuits on both receiver and transmitF-toner

    ? Independent CDR enable/disable

    ? Transmitter input equalizers that can compensaF-tone for up to 12 dB at 12.9 GHz

    ? Configurable electrical output data amplitude and pre-emphasis

    ? Electrically z-pluggable, allowing port population on demand

    ? Electrically hot-pluggable

    ? Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface allows customer management and monitoring of key modules parameters


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